Our approach to Financial Planning is tailored to your goals, guiding you towards your version of financial freedom.

Experience tells us that our proven step by step process towards financial planning delivers exceptional outcomes. Every interaction starts with the same relaxed, no obligation conversation and then ends with your own unique financial plan and the tools in place to make it a reality.

Embarking on the journey with our financial planners involves a data-driven and tailored approach to secure your financial well-being.

Our expert team utilises any important information to craft a bespoke financial plan for our clients, considering both present circumstances and future objectives.

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Explore our streamlined process designed to optimise your financial journey with precision and expertise.

Partnering with market leading software providers, we help you to thoroughly understand your financial planning needs by creating a personal financial plan which is presented in a series of powerful, interactive and visual charts.

A crucial element of the process with Orca Wealth is drafting a cashflow analysis, which details the current money you have coming in versus what you are spending. This will also be compared to what you anticipate to receive and spend in the future.

From start to end, we offer a comprehensive service that supports our clients every step of the way.

Kick things off with a no-obligation chat with our financial planners where we can get to know you, and vice versa! Following this call, you can decide whether we are the right financial planners for you, understand the plan of action, and become informed about our fees.

The next meeting is where we can dive a bit deeper. Our team will closely listen to your financial objectives, so we’ll also need information on your current assets, liabilities, savings and investments too. We will leave this meeting equipped with all the necessary information to construct your bespoke financial plan.

Here comes the exciting part! This is where we unveil your personalised financial plan, allowing you to assess whether you are on track to achieve your goals or identify adjustments needed to bring you nearer to them. In this meeting we will present a series of cashflow charts and insights to examine existing and anticipated future goals. It will clearly evaluate the probability of attaining these objectives on a yearly basis, as a result of breaking down current income vs outgoings, and any future plans of money coming in or going out.

Don't worry, this plan isn't set in stone forever. We appreciate that life presents challenges and we will be with you every step of the way, reviewing your plan and investments annually to ensure you remain on course to achieve those goals! You’ll also get 24/7 access to see and monitor the progress of your investments with us online.

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